Where is Facebook in the AI Race?

As the race to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology continues to heat up, tech giants like Facebook are at the forefront of innovation. AI has become an integral part of our everyday lives, from voice assistants and facial recognition software to virtual reality experiences and smart home devices. As such, it is no surprise that companies like Facebook have been investing heavily in AI research and development over the past few years.

Facebook’s involvement in this space began back in 2013 when they acquired Wit.ai – a natural language processing startup – for $100 million dollars as part of their mission “to make machine learning more accessible” for developers around the world. Since then, they’ve continued investing heavily into their own internal efforts as well as partnering with other leading firms such as NVIDIA or OpenAI on various projects related to AI technologies ranging from computer vision algorithms used by Oculus Rift headsets all the way up through general artificial intelligence systems capable of playing complex strategic games like Go or Chess against human opponents .

In addition to these investments being made directly within their company walls however , Facebook has also taken steps towards becoming a leader within industry-wide initiatives aimed at advancing public understanding about what can be achieved with modern day AIs . This includes taking proactive measures towards reducing potential biases found amongst certain datasets used by these algorithms , launching open source projects designed specifically for researching better methods involving deep learning techniques ,and even creating new tools which allow researchers & developers alike access powerful computing resources without having any prior experience using them before hand .

All things considered there is little doubt that FaceBook will continue pushing forward its ambitious agenda when it comes down developing cutting edge AIs while simultaneously striving toward greater transparency & accessibility across all fields related thereto – making sure everyone involved benefits equally along each step taken during this ongoing journey we call The Great Race For Artificial Intelligence!

J Riley

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