Apple is Missing from the AI Race. Are They too Late to the Party?

In February 2020, Apple Inc. purchased an AI start-up focused on auto-generated music. However, the company is noticeably missing from the current race to innovate in the generative AI space. Big Tech companies like Google, Microsoft and OpenAI have been investing heavily in AI development in recent years.

The most recent example of this is Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc.’s acquisition of AI startup DeepMind Technologies in 2014. More recently, Microsoft has been investing billions into OpenAI and autonomous vehicle startup Argo AI shut down at the end of October.

Despite Apple being an early adopter of AI technology, it seems to be missing out on the current trend of investing in generative AI. It is unclear why Apple has not made similar investments, but some speculate that it could be because of their focus on their own projects like Core ML and Create ML.

It is clear that artificial intelligence technology is continuing to evolve and grow rapidly, with the potential for disruption across many industries. With Big Tech companies investing heavily in generative AI, it will be interesting to see if Apple can make a comeback in this area and remain competitive with its rivals.

J Riley

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